Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mount Umunhum

My time is not my own this weekend, and I didn't have time for a long ride. So it was just a quick trip up Umunhum for me.

Saturday was a complete bust, and I had work to do later on Sunday, so I only had a little time. I got out at 9 AM, which is pretty good considering that Daylight Saving Time ended overnight, so I lost an hour.

At the legal, but not actual, top of Umunhum
From my house to the highest point on Umunhum you're allowed to go (specifically, the signs on the eastern side of the ridge announcing the end of MROSD property) is almost exactly 10 miles. In that space, you get over 4 miles of pretty steep climbing. It's right on my doorstep.

It was a beautiful day, just a little cloudy. The next few days are supposed to be rainy, so it surprised me that there weren't more people out taking advantage of the day.

The Umunhum climb from the north is basically about 4.4 miles averaging nearly 9.5% grade. It starts on Hicks, at the bridge crossing Guadalupe Creek. The first kilometer is unrelentingly steep, probably more than 12%. After that it lightens up a bit, then reaches Mount Umunhum Road and gets steep again. It gradually lightens as it climbs toward the gate, then gets very steep again on the last part of the ride.

It's amazing how easy 8% can feel, after an extended period at 11%.
Elevation profile
This ride was only about 24 miles, with 2750 feet of climbing. It's not really the kind of ride I prefer, but given the limited time I couldn't ask for better.

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