Monday, April 23, 2012

Mount Umunhum

A quick trip up Umunhum this morning.

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I got out shortly after 9 AM, but got stuck at the base of the Hicks climb waiting for tree trimmers to clear a lane. I guess that's what happens when one rides during the week, when normal people work.

Guadalupe Reservoir, surprisingly full
Blue skies at Hicks, fog on Umunhum
It was clear and warm on the north side of the mountains, but when I got to the top of Hicks, I could see clouds rolling over the peaks.

Foggy view from Umunhum
The temperature dropped a good 10 degrees as I got to the gate at an altitude of 2200 feet, then continued dropping as I approached the "legal top" at 2800 feet. The mist blew fiercely across the road, but wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. Where the mist hit the occasional tree, it would rain on the leeward side -- the mist collected on the trees, then got blown off in larger drops.

I descended slowly, dodging potholes, then went south on Hicks to complete the counter-clockwise route around Quicksilver Park.

Elevation profile
A short ride of 23 miles, with 2600 feet of climbing. I was surprised to find that the most difficult kilometer was not on Hicks, as I had always thought, but was in fact very near the top of the climb. That section came in at 10.2%, whereas the climb as a whole was 4.3 miles with a grade of 9.3%.

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