Sunday, April 6, 2014

Boulder Creek

For the first time in ages, I went for a long ride on the weekend.

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I've been riding, I swear. In fact I've been riding quite a lot, but it's all commuting, and not really interesting to write about. But as I'm planning another little cycling tour in France this summer, I need to find a way to fit in some longer rides.

So it was that this morning, after monitoring the Tour of Flanders bike race and watching the thrilling Formula 1 Bahrain GP all the way through the driver interviews, I headed out.
A railroad bridge on Zayante

The ride itself was nothing special -- I took Bear Creek Road to Boulder Creek, then rode down to Felton and took Zayante back home. It was lovely finishing a ride when it's still light outside.
Alma, where the Lexington Reservoir used to be.

Today's ride was just over 58 miles, with over 5100 feet of climbing. That's pretty good for me at this stage, but it'll have to get better.


  1. Hey Ziasus, I noticed that your earlier posts refer to Summit Road ( and other surrounding areas. I'm not sure if this post will reach you by then, but in 2 days (on the 17th) I might attempt biking through Summit Road to the Mount Madonna Center (by way of Ormsby's Cutoff), specifically Manzanita Group Camp. Although it may be too late to ask your opinion on this, is it possible to go through the entirety of Summit Road on a bicycle? I have heard conflicting talks about this, some say that it's private property while others say it isn't. Google Maps, specifically, doesn't list Summit Road as restricted, only listing Ormsby's Cutoff as such (but it appears to be one of the only paths through.) Loma Prieta also seems to be a viable alternative but I am not sure of its legality either. If you could respond to this, I would be most grateful.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Sorry I missed this earlier; I hope you had a good ride.

      Summit Road has the distinction of being the only "private" road in the area whose public status has been confirmed by the court ( So Summit Road, from Loma Prieta to Mount Madonna, is fair game. And yet the signs are still there.

      Ormsby Cutoff has big bold signs denying passage, but folks have ridden it -- for example, local legend Jobst Brandt:

      I'm not sure which road you're referring to as Loma Prieta (they're all called that up there), but if it's the road from Summit Road (the other Summit, that is) near the store, then that's certainly open.