Thursday, May 24, 2012


Yesterday I rode to the Corralitos Market for lunch.

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I got started shortly after 10, and followed a route I've done a few times before, down over Mount Madonna and then back on Eureka Canyon Road. This time I climbed up the very steep Mount Madonna Road.

As usual I enjoyed the sights and sounds, particularly on Uvas Road and near the top of the Mount Madonna Road, where the dirt path runs among redwoods. The problem is that I'm not taking pictures. My fitness is improving a little, so I have fewer reasons to stop. And when I ride a familiar path, I find myself thinking that there's no need for another picture of the same wonderful view.

That's got to stop. I need to literally stop the bike and appreciate the surroundings. Taking pictures encourages that. Otherwise this is just exercise, and not worth the time.

I rode the whole way back in my middle chain ring (maybe a few hundred meters in the small ring, near the bottom of Eureka Canyon Road), partly for the added challenge but mostly because it felt more comfortable to be in a slightly higher gear. Perhaps a little more pressure on the pedals means a little less pressure on the seat, if you see what I mean.

Elevation profile
This ride was about 72 miles, with 5100 feet of climbing. The most difficult kilometer was in the bottom part of Mount Madonna Road, on the paved portion. The whole road is 2.4 miles with an average grade of 9.3%, but that kilometer averaged 10.9%. A good day out, a lovely lunch, but not enough pictures.

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