Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mount Hamilton

Today I rode up Mount Hamilton, but that wasn't the plan.

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The plan was to ride, for the first time, over Hamilton, then around to Livermore and back. Toward that end, I drove up to the start of the ride, since it was going to be plenty long enough already.

Fog on Mount Hamilton
I got on the bike at about 9:30, and while it was cool, I figured it would warm up. It didn't. In fact, the higher I got on the climb, the colder it got. At the observatory clouds were rolling in, and the temperature kept dropping. I just wasn't prepared for that, and being unfamiliar with the route, I decided to turn around and head back to the car.

So it turned into a normal ride up Hamilton. I can't really be too disappointed by that, can I?

Elevation profile
Since I didn't start at the actual base of the climb, this was a little longer than a normal Hamilton ride -- it came in at a little over 43 miles long, with 5000 feet of climbing. The most difficult kilometer, according to the terrain, was near the start of the last hill. According to me, it just gets more difficult as you near the top. Maybe that's the altitude?

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